Building a high performance computer resource sharing protocol

HPIPS White Paper

With the rapid development of technology, in order to better promote the development of HPIPS project, we will continue to improve the existing technical scheme and organizational structure in the future, but keep the principle of community governance and the HPIPS token allocation scheme unchanged.

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HPIPS is the world's first application that allows everyone to participate in the development of blockchains at low cost.It is HPIPS' mission to link blockchains to each computer terminal. Based on the trust mechanism of blockchain,combined with the core technologies such as distributed computing, distributed storage, content distribution network and AI,Computer resources can be shared,and realized the rational allocation and full utilization of computer resources. To build a hardware sharing platform in the area of AI.


Building a distributed computing network with idle CPU


Accelerate distributed computing networks with idle GPU

Hard Disk

Build a secure public data storage network


Provide network acceleration services for people around you

HPIPS - A business model that can make money for users

Users provide resources to obtain their own needs, thus building a low-cost and efficient application platform, allowing computer resources to be allocated rationally, becoming the foundation platform of the future AI, creating more value.

Core Member

Through more than five years of effort, the HPIPS team has been looking for a vision system suitable for dealing with large-scale scenes, until the block chain technology, block chain through the new form of computing and trading, to large-scale computing to bring infinite imagination space. The BTC force allows the HPIPS team to see the application prospects, while the new form of transactions makes global hardware resource sharing possible, and smart contracts facilitate settlement. These will bring infinite vigor to hpips software.

Qian Yongjun


Duan Shaolong


Li Jinyuan



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Version : 1.5.0

Publish date : 2018-12-21

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HPIPS Browser

HPIPS Browser include all features of the former application that named IPFSMovie.

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